To Do list – 2015!

As 2014 draws to a close, there’s already so much to look forward to in 2015! Workshops & One-to-Ones I’ll be continuing my small group workshop program and One-to-Ones in…

PhotoShop shortcut cheat sheet by Michelle Kenna

Time Saving PhotoShop Shortcuts

Shortcuts and actions are a vital key to increasing your post-production efficiency! I’ve compiled a list of my most commonly used PhotoShop shortcuts.  These are all standard PS shortcuts which ship with…

Winter in Connemara

Lightning and Surges and Data Loss! Oh My!

Be sure to protect your data from power surges this storm season! After last week’s devastating storms in Brisbane, I’ve already heard from two photographers who lost data as a result…

cf sd card storage safety 004

Download & Backup Procedures

None of us ever wants to say or hear “I’ve lost a shoot!!!”. In so many cases I hear about, the loss was preventable.  I’m not talking about corrupt cards….


Why you need Dropbox!

There’s been a lot of talk of cloud storage in the past few weeks with significant price reductions from Dropbox in particular. What is Dropbox? Dropbox is a file hosting…

Croagh Patrick - Michelle Kenna 130812_188

Step Away From The Computer!

As the rain pours down outside, I’m reminded of the majority of my 6 years living in Ireland, and the promises to myself to enjoy the outdoorsy Queensland lifestyle when I…


NEWCASTLE! Join me on A Pixel Polishing Adventure!!

I’m presenting a seminar and workshop series for the AIPP (Australian Institute of Professional Photography) in Newcastle on August 11th and 12th. During Monday’s seminar we’ll focus on practical workflow from download to…

Michelle Kenna - In Transit, the thought process

The Importance of Personal Projects

Last year I travelled to London to check out some street art, visit my favourite eating places, and with the hope of adding to a project I’d started there a…

Michelle Kenna - In Transit

Exhibition Opening – Michelle Kenna // In Transit

My photographic exhibition, In Transit, opens in Brisbane next Friday evening, May 23rd.  All are welcome. Opening night kicks off at 6:30pm, at Foto Frenzy, 429 Old Cleveland Road, Coorparoo,…

Screen Shot 2014-04-14 at 11.30.58 am

Adobe Lightroom Mobile is here!

Adobe Lightoom Mobile is available for your iPad now. Perhaps it’s most appealing feature is its desktop syncing.  Create a collection of images within your Lightroom 5 catalogue, and sync from your desktop…

print evaluate educate


Fuji & Kodak may have championed the “Print Your Photos” campaigns for consumers, but it’s time for the pros to give themselves a kick!! With the increasing adoption of digital…

adobe dng converter 001

Managing “reject” raw files

What should we do with the “reject” raw files from our shoots? It’s a question I hear often. Whilst I’m pleased the majority of photographers keep their “rejects”, many are…


The Download..

You know that feeling when someone scrapes their nails down a blackboard? I get that same feeling when people download using the camera to computer cabled method, rather than via an…

IMAGE magazine - Clowning Around

Behind The Scenes for IMAGE magazine

I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve been asked what goes on at a fashion shoot! This video gives you a peek behind the scenes from an editorial…



It feels only appropriate that I kick off the blog with a tool I couldn’t have lived without whilst building this site… or, in fact, every day. Of the squillions…


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I've been receiving expressions of interest from outside of Brisbane, so if you're in North Queensland or interstate, do drop me a message too and I'll do my best to plan a visit to your area.